Scientists May Have Invented Beer That Doesn’t Give You A Hangover

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Scientists May Have Invented Beer That Doesnt Give You A Hangover beer

Professor David Nutt of the Imperial College in London may be about to change the game when it comes to hangovers.

According to reports, he is currently inventing an “alscosynth” drink that has ALL the positive effects of drinking booze without any of the negative side effects. In other words, that dreaded hangover? GONE.

The neuropsychopharmacology (really) professor and former government drugs adviser has put together a non-toxic inebriate drink that mimics the euphoric sensation of being drunk. You would drink this as an alternative to regular beer.

And if it takes off, it is bound to make shockwaves.

Nutt hopes the alcohol substitute will be marketed as something to coincide with regular beer, and be relatively cheap to purchase. But there are some worries too.

Alcosynth is a benzodiazepine derivative and is a substance from the same family as Valium. Experts say it can be harder to withdraw from than heroin. However, Nutt says that alcosynth doesn’t interact with those receptors and is not difficult to withdraw from.

All is up in the air at the moment, and I imagine it will be a VERY long time till this hits the shelves – if it even does.

But who knows what the future will bring?