Scientists Want You To Start Work Later

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Scientists Want You To Start Work Later lieins3

A team of ‘sleep scientists’ in America have released a paper suggesting that “delaying the morning start time of work” would be ideal. It is difficult to disagree.

The paper, published online on the the aptly named SLEEP journal, states that adults are not getting enough sleep, and a key way to fix this is to start the working day later. 124,517 people’s sleeping and work habits were analysed, and it found that the earlier you start work, the less sleep you get. Sounds pretty obvious to me. Apparently, people who start work at 6am only get 6 hours sleep, while people who start between 9 and 10am get 7.29 hours.

If I’m honest, the later I start work, the later I go to bed the night before. But I will never complain about an extra hour in bed!