Scottish Teacher Fired For Telling Pupil He ‘Sh*gged His Mum’

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Scottish Teacher Fired For Telling Pupil He Sh*gged His Mum teacher

A technology student from Ardrossan Academy in Ayrshire has been sacked for constantly insulting his students.

In one instance, 54-year-old Michael Ranking said to one pupil: “Shut up, I shagged your maw.”

Rankin, who had built up a reputation within the school for being a bit of a “rudeboy” to his students, was brought before the General Teaching Council for Scotland in order to defend himself.

They rendered him unfit to be able to re-register as a teacher after hearing that he would call his students wankers, bastards, f*cking idiots and would tell them they were “shit at football”.

His charge sheet is a sight to behold.

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