Second Alton Towers Victim Loses A Leg

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Second Alton Towers Victim Loses A Leg altontowers web

Another one of the Alton Towers victims has undergone a leg amputation after seven attempts at saving her leg through surgery proved futile.

Vicky Balch, 20, follows Leah Washington in having her leg amputated, this time below the knee, after the Smiler ride crashed on June 2nd.

Second Alton Towers Victim Loses A Leg altontowers

Her lawyer claimed:

My client, Vicky Balch, has had her right leg amputated below the knee.

Vicky has had a long and incredibly painful fight to retain her leg. Regrettably, her bravery has not been rewarded. The step was taken to remove the leg following seven bouts of surgery. Further surgery will be required in the immediate future, which may involve a more acute amputation.

The news is obviously devastating for Balch and her family, with Blach previously talking about the four and a half hour wait to be rescued and saying she just ‘wanted to die.’

Alton Towers have already paid out interim packages of compensation to the victims who have been seriously injured, and are set to offer more money for their rehabilitation in the future with the figure set to run into millions.