Sedated Man’s Phone Records Doctor Insulting Him, Sues And Bags Big Money

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Sedated Mans Phone Records Doctor Insulting Him, Sues And Bags Big Money colon web

On April 18th 2013, one unnamed man underwent a colonoscopy and left his phone on by accident.

Little did he or the doctors performing the operation know, but that would come back to haunt them and cause one hell of a court case.

The phone recorded the doctors insulting the patient – not that such an explanation really does the comments justice, with some pretty deplorable stuff being said, including things about the man having an STD, which he did not, and calling him a ‘retard’ a ‘wuss’ and ‘annoying’.

Tiffany Ingham, the Anaesthesiologist, was the main perpetrator, made the comments and also warned doctors not to touch the patient’s arm as they might get ‘some syphilis on your arm or something’, going on to say ‘it’s probably tuberculosis in the penis, so you’ll be all right.’

After waking up to hear the recordings and suing the company, the unnamed man was awarded $500,000 in damages, and when you consider some of the stuff they were saying, it is little wonder.

Anaesthesiologist Ingham is no longer with the company and a spokesperson for Aisthesis claimed:

We apologize to this patient and regret the distress and suffering that this most unfortunate incident caused. The anesthesiologist involved is no longer with our practice. Once we learned of this incident we assured that every anesthesia staff member reviewed and reiterated their pledge to abide by our professional organization’s code of ethics.