Sex Club Has A Makeover… Turns Itself Into A Church

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Sex Club Has A Makeover... Turns Itself Into A Church TN119

A sex club in Nashville, Tennessee, received a lot of complaints and opposition from nearby Christians. So they had a big rebranding… Turning the sex club into a church.

Brilliantly distasteful.

The club that used to advertise for people to “engage in any sexual activity” has built a new building for $500,000 and turned itself into the ‘United Fellowship Centre’.

What were once rooms called ‘dungeons’ are now labelled ‘choir’ and ‘handbells’. They still have their 50 odd private rooms, but they have all been renamed as ‘prayer areas’.

The churches lawyers have said that instead of customers engaging in sexual activity, they will now “meet and have fellowship”.

The nearby Goodpasture Christian School president said:

I find it hard to believe that they’ve invested that kind of money and they’re just going to change the activity.

I really hope that it’s true.


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