Sex Offender Bodyslammed As He Chases Woman Down Highway

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Sex Offender Bodyslammed As He Chases Woman Down Highway UNILAD sex offender tackled 17KGW

One sorry excuse for a human being who assaulted a woman and chased her across a busy highway got his just desserts when two courageous men got involved and tackled the sex offender to the ground.

According to a police report, repeat criminal offender Darrell Classen, 26, was seen punching a woman inside a moving car along along I-205 Northbound in Portland, Oregon. Witnesses said the woman pulled over to the side of the road, got out of the car and ran straight into traffic to escape from Classen, but he chased after her.

At that point, Joey Thomas and William Byrum – two men who had never met each other before – both sprung into action.

Thomas said:

At that point I got out of my truck and me and a couple other guys started chasing him.

Classen reportedly slapped a female bystander across the face, before the daring duo were able to catch up to him. Byrum claims that when he caught up to the suspect, he body slammed him to the ground.

Byrum said:

I picked him up and just slammed him down on the ground so that I could get on top of him.

Sex Offender Bodyslammed As He Chases Woman Down Highway UNILAD sex offender tackled 28

Darrel Classen

With the help of several others, the men were able to pin Classen down on the side of the road. They fashioned some handcuffs out of a piece of Thomas’ briefcase to keep him restrained, while Byrum apparently told him, “Yeah, you’re going to jail. We are gonna sit here until the cops get here and you’re going to jail!”

Thomas added:

The way I look at it is, you don’t hit women. I would hope if it were my wife or my mom, somebody else would have taken action if I wasn’t there.

Byrum echoed those thoughts, adding:

We did something good for somebody we didn’t know. And that’s what’s important.

Classen was arrested for assault and reckless endangerment. His past charges include evading police and failure to register as a sex offender.

Police said the woman who was repeatedly punched in the car is shaken up, but she should be okay. If it weren’t for the intervention of these two brave guys, however, Classen could have hurt the woman much worse. Well done to them both for stepping up and doing the right thing here!