Shameless Cocaine Accessories Show The 70’s Were A Helluva Time To Be Alive

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UNILAD 70s18 640x367

Fans of the hit Netflix series Narcos decided to dig up some old ads and cocaine paraphernalia from drug magazines between 1976 to 1981. This shit is nuts. 

Although drug related merchandise ads are still in circulation today, it’s marijuana items that are the hot industry, so it’s fascinating to see how it was for cocaine when that was king.

Drug paraphernalia ads are generally legal in the U.S., though states like Ohio and Nebraska do have a crack at outlawing them.

The whole set can be found on the art and culture website The World’s Best Ever.

Here are some of the absolute rip snorters, though:

UNILAD 70s27
UNILAD 70s35
UNILAD 70s44
UNILAD 70s58
UNILAD 70s66
UNILAD 70s72
UNILAD 70s87
UNILAD 70s96
UNILAD 70s107
UNILAD 70s112

UNILAD 70s128 298x426

Drugs are bad mkay? Looking forward to Narcos Season 2 however.