Sharing Files With A Handshake Could Be Next Apple Watch Feature

By : Alex Watt |


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According to a new Apple patent, people may soon be able to share media files with a simple handshake or a high five.

The patent would obviously rely on a wearable of some type – which is good news since Apple have recently launched the Apple Watch.

The described system would let you exchange contact details and other data through a number of set “greeting events”, with handshakes, high fives, hugs, fist bumps and bows a few of the noted possibilities.

apple watch 2WIPO/Apple

The idea seems like a logical evolution of Bluetooth and NFC proximity sensors.

Let’s just hope there’s some kind of failsafe plan in place so you don’t accidentally send the wrong thing to your boss (we just got rid of that problem on emails, after all!).


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