Shocking Hit And Run Through Comic Con ‘Zombie Walk’ In San Diego

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Shocking Hit And Run Through Comic Con Zombie Walk In San Diego 19

This is the moment an unknown driver plowed his way through a group of people blocking the road at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.

The man firstly tries to get through the ‘Zombie Walk’ slowly, and then proceeds to beep his horn.

But once people start to approach the car in retaliation, and a man stupidly sits on his bonnet, road rage kicks in and the man floors it through the crowd.

This was an absolutely idiotic action and whoever was driving that car should be prosecuted, but in a place heaving with children, the adults that provoked the driver were just as idiotic.

Opinion on the Youtube video is very split, with some people saying the crowd deserved what they got, and others saying they had the right to be there.

Here is another view of the incident:

It will be an argument that goes on for a long time, but what do you think?

Please note, the following poll question was prompted by the significant amount of split opinions in the video’s Youtube comments.

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