Shocking Study Claims Fast Food Works As Well As Health Supplements

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Put away your power bars and head down to Burger King, because a study has claimed that fast food actually does exactly the same as supplements when it comes to helping your body after a workout.

According to Michael Cramer, you may as well just have a glass of water after a run – or Mars bar – because it won’t make any difference.

This is how the study worked:

Cramer began by taking 11 athletes and denied them food for the 12 hours prior to the 90 minute workout they undertook. One group of the athletes were given a hash brown, hotcakes, Gatorade, OJ, Cliff Shot Blocks and organic peanut butter to consume.

The other group, the fast food one, had a burger, fries and a coke, with the so-called supplements group having PowerBars and Cytomax powder. The meals were around the same calorific content, but the fast food obviously had marginally more fat and sodium.

Then both groups rode for 20 minutes on a stationary bike.

The experiment was done again a week later, but with the groups swapping what they ate, so the fast food group had the supplements, and the supplements group tried the fast food. Both groups had blood work and muscle biopsies done during the experiment to track results.

Here were the findings:
 Both groups finished the workout at the same time
There was no difference in the insulin, glucose, cholesterol, or triglyceride levels in either group
While the fast food group had a higher level of muscle glycogen (the energy in your muscles to produce performance) they were not statistically significant

So, it is slightly alarming that not only can you eat basically what you want after a work out and be fine – but even more worrying is the money we’ve been paying for those protein bars, when a Freddo would’ve done the job.

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