Shockingly Knock-Off Red Carpet Dresses Do NOT Make Normal Women Look Like A Listers

By : Rebecca Knight |


dress fail 640x400

We all love looking at the hit and miss photos you see on the red carpet (yes Kim Kardashian, we are looking at you) but those scraps of rather pricey material are meant for just that – models and actresses on the red carpet.

What they are not intended for are us mere mortals who don’t have the luxury of a personal trainer, home delivered meals from our outrageously expensive diet plan or a photo shoot to get in shape for.

Sadly, that did not deter Chinese website Taobao, who decided to create knock-off versions of said dress and flog them online – and shockingly enough, the results were exactly as you might suspect.

see through dress gone wrong elite daily 4 600x426

Case in point was this poor woman who didn’t exactly look like either the model in the picture or Jamie Alexander who donned the dress to the premier of the second Thor movie and we can only assume after trying this dress on, she promptly repackaged it and returned to sender.

jaie alexander thor 640x426

The golden rule here? Don’t assume that just because a dress looks good on a 5ft 10″ supermodel, it will look anywhere close to that on a normal human being who eats more than a carrot stick once a week!