Sideshow Bob Will Finally Kill Bart Simpson In Halloween Episode

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Sideshow Bob has been trying and failing to kill his nemesis Bart Simpson for over 25 years but, now, The Simpsons creators say he will finally get his wish this autumn.

The Kelsey Grammar voiced character has fixated on getting his revenge on the ever-young Bart ever since 1990 episode ‘Krusty Gets Busted’ when the 10-year-old figured out Bob had framed Krusty the Clown for armed robbery.


Bob has come close to murdering his arch-enemy on numerous occasions but it sounds like the big haired villain will finally get his chance in The Simpsons’ forthcoming 27th season.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Al Jean said:


I’m one of the people who always wanted the Coyote to eat the Road Runner, so you can see where this is going. I hated frustration comedy so we’ll scratch that itch on the Halloween show.

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The episode will then focus on how Bob deals with the aftermath of having finally achieved his life’s goal. Plus, with this being a Halloween special, Bart is unlikely to stay dead for very long!

At the ATX Television Festival, Jean also revealed some more info about the latest season. Apparently viewers will also see the return of Spider Pig, Lena Dunham will voice a character, and an episode based on the Oscar-nominated film Boyhood will focus on a (very much alive) Bart.


What we really want to know is whether Bob will finally take care of his other arch-enemy this year…