Sisters Separated As Babies Find Each Other In University Writing Class

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Sisters Separated As Babies Find Each Other In University Writing Class sisters colombia 640x426ABC News

Two sisters separated when they were children re-found each other in a Columbia University writing class, in living proof that the truth is stranger than fiction.

Lizzie Valverde, 35, and Katy Olson, 34, met two-and-a half years ago in the class and quickly realised they had a lot in common.

Besides the fact that they were two women in their mid-thirties returning to college to pursue a passion for writing, they also discovered that they were sisters!

Olson asked Valverde so many questions after class that Valverde assumed Olson might know her younger sister.

And then the truth came out.

Olson said:

And, I’m like yeah, I don’t know your sister, I think I am your sister!

Valverde added:

When she said, ‘I am your sister,’ I just froze.

As children, the sisters were adopted by different families. Valverde grew up in New Jersey while Olson was raised in Florida and Iowa.

Their birth mother, Leslie Parker, was a teenager in Florida when she gave them up for adoption and, at Valverde’s graduation next week, Olson and Parker will meet for the first time.

The irony of the two meeting in a fiction writing class was not lost on the sisters either.

Olson added:

If I workshopped this in a fiction class, I’d be run out. There’s no way!

What an incredible story!


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