Snazziest McDonald’s Restaurant Ever Opens In Rotterdam

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Snazziest McDonalds Restaurant Ever Opens In Rotterdam mcd app webJeroen Musch

McDonald’s mainly is known for quick if a bit dubious food, and maybe some good pound deals on burgers, but they certainly aren’t known for a classy interior for the store. Until now.

One branch of McDonald’s in Rotterdam has revamped the whole interior after Mei Architects took control and made it the snazziest McDonald’s in the world.

The previous McDonald’s was voted the ugliest building in the city by residents from Rotterdam, with the fast food chain having a 40 year lease on said building and deciding that they wanted to save the building, so contracting Mei Architects to revamp it all.

Snazziest McDonalds Restaurant Ever Opens In Rotterdam mcdapp2Jeroen Musch

Robert Winkel spoke to Deezen Magazine and claimed:

Since the 1970s the McDonald’s pavilion has been altered frequently.

Its quality suffered as a result, with its mostly closed facades. This makes the space anonymous. We want to activate this space again.