So Cardistry Is An Actual Job – And It Looks Pretty Epic To Us

By : Rebecca Knight |


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In the modern day and age, there are some pretty strange jobs floating around and the latest one to hit our desks seems to be Cardistry and in case you don’t know what that is, some pretty talented dudes have been kind enough to put together a snazzy compilation of their skills – doing card tricks.

So basically, all these dudes actually do is sit around and shuffle cards for a living. It certainly beats sitting behind a desk and pushing paper all day!

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We bet that they’re pretty epic at a poker table as well – with card tekkers like that, how can you not be! Although they probably get stuck being the dealer most of the time, a job in Vegas seems to be on the horizon for the Cardistry stars and while they wait for the call, they can just settle for going viral on social media.