Someone Is Using A Drone To Spy On Nudists In Britain

By : Sam Ridgway |



Naturists on one of the most popular nudist beaches in Britain feel like they are being targeted by a voyeur’s drone camera.

A number of frequent visitors to the famous Studland nudist beach in Dorset have recently been left enraged after spotting a radio-controlled drove flying up and down the beach.

Their fears are that the drone’s camera is snapping images and recording video of them in the nude for voyeuristic reasons.


Anticipating the return of the drone and whoever is using it, security and the number of patrols at the beach has been stepped up while officials look into the matter.

The beach is a public place, however, users have always experienced privacy there due to the sand dunes that surround it – but they have never had to deal with modern technology such as this before.

A spokesman for the National Trust, which owns the beach, said they were concerned about the allegations and insisted that any requests for photography had to go first go through them.

The investigation continues.


Dorset Echo