South Korea Bans Selfie Sticks, Threatens Jail Time

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South Korea Bans Selfie Sticks, Threatens Jail Time selfie web thumb

You know those sticks that make it easier to take a selfie that also make you look like a dick? Well if you’ve got one don’t take it to South Korea.

The Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning is asking citizens to help “root out the distribution of illegal broadcasting communication devices such as uncertified camera extender rods” (selfie sticks).

These inventions have been banned from the country and anyone who is caught with one could face three years in prison and a fine equivalent to £17,000.

But they’re not being banned for the reasons you might think. No, it’s not just because they make people look like c*nts, it’s because the SK authorities fear that the Bluetooth capabilities will make other phones malfunction. That being said it makes the penalty sound quite harsh, £17,000 for making someone’s phone take a picture in their pocket?

We’re pretty sure it is more about looking like a dick but they needed a better reason to put the ban in place.

So if you’re going to SK any time soon you will have to put up with spending ages finding the perfect angle, like this girl:

But what do you think? Would the world be a better place without the selfie stick?