Spanish Policeman Murdered On Train Tacks In Madrid

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Spanish Policeman Murdered On Train Tacks In Madrid train fb thumb

A policeman who asked to see the ID’s of a group of foreigners was dragged underneath a moving train at a station in the Spanish capital.

28-year-old police officer Francisco Javier Ortega, is reported to have been asking a group of people for identification papers when the situation got heated.

A male member of the group named Yode Ali Raba then dragged himself and Ortega on to the tracks just seconds before a train approached.

At this point, the video doesn’t show a lot, but you can hear people screaming in horror at the incident they have witnessed.

Although both men were taken to hospital to be treated, officer Ortega died from his injuries shortly afterwards. However Ali Raba, who apparently entered Spain illegally and is from the Ivory Coast, is being treated for head injuries while the authorities investigate the incident further.

WARNING: Some people may be disturbed by this video.

Officer Ortega has since been awarded the gold medal of police merit posthumously. The incident is being treated as a murder in cold blood.

The director general of Police in Spain, Ignacio Cosidó, said:

It is clear that there is intent on taking the agent to the railway tracks and throwing him under when a train was approaching.