Live Sperm Facials Being Offered By ITV’s This Morning

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Live Sperm Facials Being Offered By ITVs This Morning amanda 1 z

ITV daytime chat show This Morning is on the lookout for women to try a dramatic new form of facial, which will involve rubbing their partner’s sperm on their face.

The producers of the show – which is hosted by Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden – are hoping to run the feature on Monday morning’s programme.

In an email appeal, producers of the show said:

This Morning is looking for women who would be up for trying an exciting, but slightly strange, new facial live on Monday 27th April.

This facial involves using their partner’s semen on their face, so we’d need them to bring a sample with them. Can you help?

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Beauty salons around the UK regularly perform facial treatments, although they tend to involve steams, creams, lotions or masks.

Apparently, human sperm contains spermine; a powerful anti-oxidant which is said to diminish wrinkles and smooth the skin.

We’ve heard of ‘sex sells’ but this might be a step too far.