‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Games Trailer Revealed And It Looks Insane

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Star Wars: Battlefront Games Trailer Revealed And It Looks Insane starwars1WEBTHUMBNEW

This brand new trailer gives an exclusive look at the highly anticipated game.

For every Star Wars fan out there this is the ultimate game, no matter what weapon, ship or planet you require, the game can provide them combined.

Courtesy of EA it’s the ultimate Star Wars game, which will be out just before the film.

Released in November on PS4, PC and Xbox One – it’s sure to be one that most people will be getting for Christmas.

EA released this statement about the upcoming game:

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ goes on sale November 17th on PS4, PC and Xbox One. The ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down. Rebel forces firing blasters. Imperial speeder bikes zipping by. Intense dogfights between squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters filling the skies. Immerse yourself in the epic Star WarsTM battles you’ve always dreamed of and create new heroic moments of your own in Star Wars™ Battlefront™.