Stray Dog Completes 400 Mile Race With Extreme Sports Team, Finds New Home

By : Sam Ridgway |



A stray dog found a new home after crossing paths with an extreme sports team and completing a 400 mile race with them.

The scruffy stray bumped into them as the team stopped for a lunch break at a roadside in South America. Feeling sorry for him, Mikael Lindnord – one of the team members – gave him a meatball.

However as they got up to leave, he began to follow them. And didn’t stop, once.

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After trying and failing to get rid of him for safety reasons, they decided to call him Arthur and he quickly became a friend.

Not only did he tirelessly follow them, but he took part in every gruelling task they faced on the 430 mile hike, including swimming along their kayaks, dragging himself up hills and traipsing through knee-deep mud.

And after refusing to leave, the team decided that they’d stop when he was tired, pull him out of mud when he got stuck and kept him hydrated and fed.

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It took them 6 days to finish the race, with Arthur in tow, fully deserved of his new home back in Sweden where the team would eventually take him.

After filing for his adoption and getting a positive response, he was instantly flew home and found himself at the centre of four new loving families.

“I came to Ecuador to win the World Championship. Instead, I got a new friend.” Lindord told his Facebook fans.

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What a story!

H/T Daily Mail