Street Robber ‘Cries For Daddy’ After Mugging The Wrong Woman

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“Daddy, daddy, call the police, daddy. Help Jesus. I swear, it was the first time I’ve ever done this. Help, Lord, somebody help me. Where’s my mum?” No not the cries of the victim, but the cries of the mugger.

When Wesley Sousa de Araujo cornered two women in Acailandia, Brazil and demanded their mobile phones, he did not factor in that one of them could be a professional MMA fighter.

Monique Bastos immediately sized up her attacker, and with six professional fights and a jiu-jitsu blue belt to her name, knew it was not she who was at risk.

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23-year-old Bastos took Araujo to the ground with a rear-naked choke before locking him into a triangle chokehold with her legs.

The hapless would-be mugger then tried to play the victim as onlookers watched, recorded and waited for the Police.

Araujo pleaded for mercy as pressure was applied to his neck and he was immobilised for 20 minutes.

Unfortunately for him, his mom and dad failed to answer his wailing, but the Police soon arrived and escorted him to the relative safety of a local jail cell.

Once in custody the sobbing boy denied that he had tried to rob the women.


Bit one sided, but fair play to her.


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