Stripper Extorts Millions From Tech Mogul After Sexual Encounter

By : Sam Ridgway |



A stripper and her family extorted $3 million from a tech mogul after a sexual encounter turned into a regular thing.

Terry Tackett, father of Jessica Tacket, allegedly demanded money from retired Detroit tech mogul Paul Vagnozzi, 61, after learning about the regular sexual encounters he had been having with his 25-year-old daughter.

According to reports, Vagnozzi met Jessica at a strip club in 2008 where she was working long shifts to support her family. After getting to know each other, Jessica began to engage in a relationship where she would offer him sex for money.

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But the story really gets deeper when he decided to have a threesome with Jessica and her younger cousin, The Detroit News reports.

Following this encounter, Jessica’s father threatened Vagnozzi, saying if he didn’t give them some money he would report the incident, but only after ordering his ‘mafia’ friends to beat him up.

A document filed in the United States District Court in Michigan shows how he then handed the family $30,000. Then, unsurpisingly, the family got greedy.

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In the space of one month, they recieved over $1.1 million from their target. They bought a home in Romulus, Michigan, six Harley-Davidson motorcycles, muscle cars and Jet Skis among other things.

The money then stopped in 2012, and following this, phoney rape claims were dished out by both Jessica and her mother, but thanks to the help of a good lawyer, Vagnozzi managed to beat the case.

Tackett now faces 119 federal charges including conspiracy to obstruct justice, tax evasion, money laundering and banking crimes, and will face up to 20 years inside if convicted.

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