Students Are Turning To Sex Industry To Pay For Degrees, Claims Survey

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Student loans are a m*therfucker, and coming out of University with both the pressure to find a job and tens of thousands of pounds of debt behind you is not ideal – so it comes as no shock that a growing number of students are finding alternative ways to fund their studies.

The sex trade – and by that we mean anything from stripping to escorting – has become an increasingly easy way for students to fund their degrees and with the rise of websites such as, where gifts are exchanged for time, the temptation to try it is now increasingly rife.


More males have turned to the sex trade than females – and according to a survey from Swansea University funded by the Big Lottery Fund that asked 6,750 students – those figures are on the rise.

One in 20 students have reportedly been involved in the sex trade at some point – and a massive 22% have admitted to at least considering it – but not all of them cited money as the reason for that.

In fact, 44% claimed sexual pleasure was their motivating factor and three in five felt they would enjoy it.

Despite that, the murky side of the sex industry is still rife and you have to imagine that the majority of students would not want to turn to escorting unless they had no other option.