Students Bust Teachers For Having An Office Quickie

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Students Bust Teachers For Having An Office Quickie UNILAD teacher sex4

Headmaster Graham Daniels, 51, and chemistry teacher Bethan Thomas, 37, were caught having sex in the office yesterday at Bryntawe Comprehensive School in Swansea, South Wales. 

Students used their smartphones to record the moans and panting from behind closed doors in Mr Daniels office. The little voyeurs then proceeded to upload their footage online and the teachers have now resigned.

Mr Daniels and Ms Thomas could both be struck off the teaching register for “unacceptable professional conduct” and “exposing pupils to the behaviour.”

It was well known in the school they were in some sort of relationship, as students often spotted them chowing down McDonald’s together near the school. To make matters far more complicated Mr Daniels is also a married man.

Listen for yourself to decipher what was going on if you like. It definitely does not sound like conventional exercise:

A special assembly was held to tell pupils to ignore the sex video and focus on exams, but pupils have continued to share it and talk about it online.

The school is now attempting to ban children from talking about the incident because it’s “damaging the school’s reputation.”

I love a bit of afternoon delight and thrill-seeking as much as the next headmaster, but unfortunately there is a time and a place in this instance. Although…it would be fun if the school just embraced the mess and perhaps started teaching Sex Ed the Monty Python way.

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