Students Pictured Having Sex Outside Biggest Student Night In Belfast

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    Above photo does not belong to Uni Lad and has been censured and shared thousands of times on social media. (Credit: Alan Lewis/Photopress).

    A picture of four young people allegedly having sex in the car park of a busy student night has been slammed by thousands online.

    In the picture, two female clubbers appear to be having sex with two men, in the middle of a busy car park.

    It’s done the rounds on social media today, and it was identified that it was taken outside El Divino in Belfast during a popular student night.

    It’s a scene setting reminiscent of the recent video of a girl giving blowjobs in return for a drink in Magaluf.


    The student night in question that has been identified as ‘Knee Deep’ – which is quite fitting – has taken some serious abuse online since the photo surfaced.