Subway Employee Quits After Boss’ Reaction To Her Buying Homeless Man Sub

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Subway Employee Quits After Boss Reaction To Her Buying Homeless Man Sub sub

One Subway employee from Arizona has explained how she quit her job with the sandwich giants after being less than impressed with the way her boss reacted to a simple act of kindness.

The woman, named Savannah, took to her Facebook page to explain what had happened after a homeless guy came in and asked if a sandwich would be under $10, as he did not have any money, and the kind hearted woman was shocked after her boss tried to get her to remove him from the store.

Subway Employee Quits After Boss Reaction To Her Buying Homeless Man Sub sub3

Here is what she had to say in full:

I used to work at Subway a couple months ago, but I quit. And what made me quit was one time a homeless man came in to get a sandwich. He asked if the sandwich would be more than $10. One of my coworkers told him no and he carried on. When he got down to the register, he was searching frantically for his money, and with such shame on his face he said he couldn’t find it and started to leave. But I called out to him and said I would pay for it. I got my credit card and paid for an entire meal for this man, with no discounts.

Completely in full. He thanked me over and over. Then when the next person in line got to the register she told me how nice of thing I did. Now when everyone left I was in the back cleaning and my manager yelled at me. Telling me that if someone can’t pay for their food you tell them to leave.

I told her that I wasn’t going to let him starve. It was 115 degrees outside. He was probably exhausted, dehydrated and very hungry. I was so baffled about the fact that I just got in trouble for helping someone in need. I was being constantly told by owners and supervisors of the company that this was a business about people and making people happy. But I guess the homeless aren’t people. So I quit a week later.

Given she paid for the sub in full, I can’t see what her boss had an issue with, and really Subway should be ashamed at this.


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