‘Subway Insider’ Reveals The Sandwiches You Should Never Eat

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If like myself you’re partial to a cheeky Subway every now and again, then you may want to stop reading now, because we’re about to lift the lid on some pretty gross alleged sandwich secrets.

According to The Daily Mail, an anonymous Subway sandwich ‘artisan’ – or whatever they’re calling the people who make our butties nowadays – has revealed some of the takeaway franchise’s biggest secrets.

The anonymous whistleblower – who for the sake of our own amusement we’re going to call ‘Foot Long’ from now on – offered up some handy tips for getting a 14-inch sandwich but what they said about the shop’s chicken will make your blood run cold.

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Foot Long claims that the chicken ‘stinks when it comes out of a bag’, and before you go thinking this is happening in a far flung land then we’ve got bad news for you, as Foot Long claims to be a shift manager at a UK franchise store.

The alleged manager made his bold claims on ‘the Internet’s front page’ Reddit in a thread where Foot Long asked fellow users to ‘ask me anything Subway related’, being sure to emphasise that they weren’t speaking on behalf of their employer.

One user asked: ‘Which items would you recommend one avoid and which would you say are highest quality/safest/best prepared?’ Foot Long soon responded that people should avoid chipotle chicken and teriyaki chicken, while steak is often the freshest filling.

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Foot Long explained: 

Avoid: Chipotle Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken. Why? Chicken is given a two-day shelf life, once in the counter. However, these two [sandwiches] bypass this and get four days, and can get a little stinky.

I’d recommend anything else, Subway (at least my Subway) is very strict on quality control and dates. Steak is probably the freshest, and safest.

One sharp minded Redditor though noted something about Foot Long’s complaints of stinky chicken, namely that all chicken has a bit of a pong to it, asking: ‘isn’t that just the bag/preservative air’ before adding that if you leave it outside the bag for a minute or two it’ll lose the smell.

But Foot Long was adamant that the chicken can sit in a tray for a day, but it’ll still smell.

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Thankfully, it’s not all bad news for Subway fans as Foot Long reminded shoppers that sandwiches are 20 per cent off between 7pm and 9pm. Plus, the anonymous tipster suggested getting a 12-inch flatbread sandwich because more often than not you’ll actually get 14-inches.

A Subway spokesman responded to the claims, saying:

All Subway stores are independently owned and operated by franchisees. All stores have very strict procedures in place to ensure products are served safely and to customers’ satisfaction and all suppliers are required to meet our high standards of food safety and product integrity.

To be quite honest, as gross as this sounds (if it’s true), we’ve been eating Subway sandwiches for years and will probably carry on doing so for many more – stinky chicken and all.


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