Super Star Wars Set To Appear On PS Store This Week

By : Mark Foster |


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Star Wars Battlefront isn’t the only franchise tie-in game being released this week, as the SNES classic Super Star Wars is dropping on the Playstation Store for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita.

Those of us lucky enough to own a Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in the day, will probably remember Super Star Wars as a super addictive but super infuriating romp through the Star Wars universe.

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The re-release comes with an updated display, trophies, leaderboards and a new save feature – something the original sorely missed.

Now before we get too excited, the news was announced on the US Playstation Blog, and gives no specific mentions as to which territories the game will be coming out in – this could mean that us poor schmucks in Europe miss out.

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Super Star Wars was originally released back in 1993, and stars Luke, Han and Chewie in a side-scrolling jedi-’em-up adventure. With the action mostly focussed around blasting stormtroopers, there were also a couple of vehicle sections that had you nipping around in a speeder. Classic Star Wars..

Super Star Wars will be a cross-play title between Playstation 4 and the PS Vita, meaning that buying it on one platform will give you access to it on the other. Lovely.