Survey Proves That Women Hate The Famous ‘Man Bun’

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Survey Proves That Women Hate The Famous Man Bun Man bun 011

We all know that one guy, or see hundreds of them daily in the hipster parts of town, with their tightly tied man bun and denim jacket.

It’s become all the rage in the past 12 months, and to be honest, before the trend I didn’t actually mind the look. But everyone that can grow their hair slightly longer than most seems to have one now. And it infuriates me, and seemingly everyone else.

But when I learned that the man bun isn’t quite as appealing to women as I was once conditioned to understand, it made me a little happier inside. This little snippet of good news was put together in survey form by West Coast Shaving, and it shows that 35% of women don’t like the hairstyle and 27% actually despise it.

Survey Proves That Women Hate The Famous Man Bun manbun

We understand that it’s a very subjective issue, and elsewhere and/or done by anyone else, this survey could show extremely different results.

But we don’t care about that. Take it for what it is, please.


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