The Worst Things To Do On A Date Have Been Revealed

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The Worst Things To Do On A Date Have Been Revealed 179

Dating can be a minefield at the best of times, but this survey result can at least show you what NOT to do.

I’m recently single, and it’s weird. I’m okay with the being on my own most of the time part, but the dating and meeting new people thing has changed a LOT since I was last in the game.

Finding a date has changed a lot, for a start, it’s all online now. Tinder didn’t exist when I was last single. Swiping right was done almost exclusively on my Xbox 360 menu. I have no idea quite what I’m doing on there, and seem to match mainly with bots and escorts, and I’m not quite at that point just yet. Still, it’s pretty fun and a good time filler, if nothing else.

But what if, by some miracle, I do actually find a girl daft enough to want to go on a date with me? I am a grown adult now. There’s expectations and pressures in abundance.

Do I wear a bow tie? Do I take her flowers? Do I still have to walk road side so a passing car splashes me and not her, or is that sexist these days? Do I even meet her in real life or is that part online nowadays too?

The Worst Things To Do On A Date Have Been Revealed 225

While a date can be a treacherous maze of faux pas and mixed signals, help is now on hand. Dating website whatsyourprice.comconducted a huge survey recently, with tens of thousands of respondents, and it tells us what the opposite hates most on dates.

Surprisingly, men and women both agree on the biggest no-no.

Read and take note!

For Women (based on responses from 63,460 members)

1 Cellphone use – 30%
2 Inappropriate touching – 28%
3 Rudeness to waitstaff – 14%
4 Negativity – 11%
5 Excessive drinking – 6%

For Men (based on responses from 45,349 members)

1 Cell phone use – 25%
2 Rudeness to waitstaff – 21%
3 Unengaged in conversation – 16%
4 Negativity – 14%
5 Excessive drinking – 11%

So there it is. Presumably, the phone that you used to land your date in the first place is the biggest put-off, and rightly so! Just because your Tinder swipes have refreshed, doesn’t mean you have to use them straight away.

It’s quite funny to notice that ‘inappropriate touching’ is second on the list for women, while it doesn’t make the men’s top five. Be careful with that!

So if any girls out there do fancy a date with me, I promise I will switch my phone off, not be rude to the staff, not be negative and not drink excessively.

Or touch you inappropriately.


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