Survey Shows That Women Prefer Chubby Guys In Bed

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Survey Shows That Women Prefer Chubby Guys In Bed UNILAD 24

It turns out British women are chubby chasers, as a recent survey shows they love larger guy in bed.

Happy days!

Bad news if you’re reading this at the gym!

You might expect most women to go for the musclebound gym smasher, rather than a takeaway regular with a pot belly.

But, no.

2,544 women aged 18 and over in the UK took part in the survey, and 38% said they consider ‘overweight/plus-size men’ to be the best lovers.

A few extra pounds, bit of a beer belly. The type of body you can point at your belly and say “Ayyyy it’s all bought and paid for” instead of lifting your shirt to a perfect six pack. THAT is what women want. Well… 38% of them anyway.

Survey Shows That Women Prefer Chubby Guys In Bed UNILAD 124

Top five male body shapes women rated in the bedroom
1. Overweight/plus-size men – 38%
2. Athletic/muscly Men – 21%
3. Tall men (taller than 6 foot) – 13%
4. Short men (shorter than 5 foot 8) – 10%
5. Slim/petite men – 9%

I’m not sure what makes up the rest of the answers, I’m mainly looking at the top two. Score 1 to team chubby! commissioned the survey, and their MD, Darrell Freeman, said:

There seems to be somewhat of a ‘chubby-chaser’ trend growing amongst British women.

The fact that so many women prefer the sex they’ve had with lovers on the larger side just goes to show that chiselled looks and pumped up muscles aren’t everything, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Apparently, chubby lads are ‘more caring and gentle’.

It feels good to win something for once!