Sweden Invents Awesome New Word For Female Masturbation

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Sweden Invents Awesome New Word For Female Masturbation sweden masturbation WEBJames Theophane

People are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to slang terms to describe male masturbation but what do you say for the female equivalent?

That was the very question raised in Sweden last year, when the Swedish Association for Sexuality Equality (RFSU) pointed out there was no Swedish word for “female masturbation”.

So, the RFSU held a competition that asked people to nominate words that women could use instead of having to re-appropriate the traditionally male-associated phrases.

And, now, we have a winner!

After flicking through more than 1,200 replies, the RFSU opted for “klittra” – a combination of “clitoris” and “glitter”, because “it highlights the importance of the clitoris for pleasure”.

Good work, Sweden. Good work. Although we’re still not entirely sure about the relevance of glitter here…