Takeaway Appeal For Diners To Try World’s Spiciest Pizza

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A Doncaster takeaway are hoping to set a Guinness World Record by creating the world’s hottest pizza. They are currently appealing for diners to sample the pizza that’s more deadly than police pepper spray.

Red Tomato takeaway are inviting brave customers to try the deadly pizza that measures 13 million on the Scoville scale (basically a spice scale). Those who agree to participate must sign a legal disclaimer, promising not to sue if they die whilst eating it, and they’ve also been advised to take the next day off work. So in other words, if you’re lucky enough not to die you’ll definitely have the sh*ts the next day.

The Doncaster takeaway have teamed up with a Brighton based shop that specialises in the world’s hottest sauces to create the pizza, that will contain a sauce that is so hot that even a pin prick sample will leave the diners stomach in agony.

Parviz Hayati, the owner of Red Tomato has stated:

We want ten people to take part. They will have to eat a whole pizza topped with the sauce and whoever eats it fastest will win the challenge. Although he’s assured potential participants it really is a dangerously hot sauce so people should think twice before agreeing to take part.

It’d be pretty cool to be involved with a Guinness World Record, but I don’t fancy dying in the process. However if you’re brave enough to take part, you can apply on Red Tomato’s Facebook page…