Talented Lad Draws Andy Murray Portrait Using ONLY His Mouth

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Talented Lad Draws Andy Murray Portrait Using ONLY His Mouth andy murray painting WEBHenry Fraser

A guy has drawn a detailed sketch of tennis star Andy Murray using only a pencil held in his mouth.

Henry Fraser is paralysed from the shoulders down after his spinal cord was damaged in an accident in 2009.

However, he recently rediscovered his passion for art, and posted the impressive portrait to his Twitter account on Sunday. It has already been retweeted over 500 times, including by Murray himself.

Speaking to Mashable, he said:

At the beginning of the year I had an illness that meant I was bed bound for a few weeks. I was getting rather bored and found an app on my iPad that I could use for drawing by holding a stylus in my mouth and touching the screen. I loved it. I recently began drawing and painting with actual pencils and paint by attaching the utensils to a mouth stick. I’ve opened up a thoroughly enjoyable new chapter in my life.

It’s funny, but without that illness I would never have have rediscovered my love for drawing, painting and creating. Adversity has given me a gift. We cannot change the cards we are dealt in life. It’s all about how you and I play the hand.

Murray is the latest sports figure to be drawn by Fraser, with previous works including Usain Bolt and Jonny Wilkinson.

This is incredible work. The question is, does the drawing of Murray actually have more personality than the real thing?