TalkSport’s Alan Brazil’s Disgusting Robin Williams Death Rant

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TalkSports Alan Brazils Disgusting Robin Williams Death Rant 113

Failed footballer and TalkSPORT host Alan Brazil has angered millions tuning into his show after a disgusting rant about Robin Williams’ death.

Brazil told listeners that he thought singer ROBBIE Williams had died, upon originally hearing the news via a passing comment from his wife.

He then went on to say: “And then when she said ‘Robin’, I thought, ‘oh, okay’.

“It didn’t hit me hard like it would if it had been Robbie, thank God it wasn’t.”

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Co-presenter Brian Moore quickly reassured listeners “suicide is never an easy matter”, but Brazil continued: “I believe he’s got a daughter as well, what’s she feeling like this morning?”

“Now she’s got to sort the arrangements out. I think it’s shocking, I really do.”

He added: “I don’t have a lot of sympathy, I’m sorry.

“It might be harsh but that’s the way I feel.. What you leave behind is diabolical, I’m really annoyed about that.”

Shortly after his disrespectful rant, thousands of listeners took to the internet, calling for his sacking and slamming his comments.

A spokesperson for mental health charity Mind said: “Every suicide is a tragedy and it can be hard to understand the pain and suffering that someone is feeling when they reach the point where suicide seems like the only option.

“In the UK we are starting to talk more openly about mental health problems like depression but we are far from beating the stigma that people with mental health problems have to live with every day.”

Brazil should probably focus more on his own blood pressure than the mental illness of others.

He’s not sorry either.

If he can’t comprehend the true symptoms and effects of depression, then his opinions should stay off radio.

I’m sure the same rant would have been spared, had it been a member of his own family.

What a d*ck head.