Teacher Attacked In Front Of Students By Woman Claiming She Slept With Her Husband

By : Rebecca Knight |



One group of school kids in Huimanguillo, south east Mexico, got a very nasty shock when they were sat in class after a woman burst in and attacked their teacher, screaming she had been sleeping with her husband.

Marcella Villalpando Tovar was attacked by scorned woman Laelia Paredes Flores, and in horrendous footage of the attack, was kicked and punched on the floor after onlookers decided it would be better to encourage and film said attack rather than break it up.

One student claimed:

The woman charged in and began shouting and screaming before punching our teacher to the floor.

That’s when I ran to get help.

But when other teachers came, they just stood around watching.

It was really terrible, terrible.

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Not exactly what you would want to see in any classroom, but when you consider the reaction of the other teachers, it becomes that little bit worse. Violence doesn’t solve anything kids!


[via Daily Mirror]