Teacher Had Sex With Students In Her Basement, Made Them Queue Up Outside

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Erica Mesa is a 28 year old teacher from America. She is also facing multiple counts of having sex with a minor and at least 22 years in jail if she is found guilty of the crimes.

Mesa was finally caught out after having sex with not one but FOUR male students and sending them a host of nude pictures when her husband was not around. Sensationally, she admitted to police that she had slept with the teenage boys in both her home and her SUV.

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She even allegedly kept one boy waiting at her home while she engaged in sexual activity with another. Obviously this is horrendous conduct but the authorities became involved when they were tipped off that one of the boys was only 16 years of age.

Mesa’s attorney is claiming she is not a paedophile, despite her activity with underage boys but she still faces prison and rightly so.


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