Teacher Sacked After Stapling Ear Of Naughty Four Year Old Pupil

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Lan Li, in Jiangle County, Fujian Province in southeast China, has found herself out of a job after stapling a four year old boy’s ear.

The teacher decided to teach her naughty pupil a lesson and the four year old found his ear being stapled as a punishment and in unsurprising news, it did not go down well with the school board or the boy’s parents, who were outraged.


A doctor had to remove the staple from the poor kid’s ear, with it being sore and bruised, not to mention the fact that the school now have to shell out for his medical treatment and assumedly some compo for the kid as well.

So basically, to all the teachers out there, it is never ok to staple a kid’s ear. No matter how naughty they are.


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