Which Team Benefitted The Most From Howard Webb’s Refereeing?

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Which Team Benefitted The Most From Howard Webbs Refereeing?   webbgraphic

Manchester City and Arsenal have been revealed as the teams to profit the most when Howard Webb was in charge.

The veteran ref retired today, and he has long been accused of being biased towards Manchester United and under Sir Alex’s thumb.

But the Red Devils only have the fourth best points-per-game ratio under him, losing seven out of 20 games under his rule.

City enjoy a whopping 2.41 points per game with Webb in charge, while the Gunners won a huge 11 out of 15 matches with a points-per-game ratio of 2.33.

Even Norwich City have a better record with him than United, with 1.89 points-per-game as opposed to United’s 1.85.

Webb did take charge of United games more than any other team, but it doesn’t necessarily translate when it comes to his ‘bias’.

But you can make your own mind up! We still enjoyed the years of Fergie/Webb meme’s.