This Teenage Murderer Sent Snapchats Of Himself With His Victim

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This Teenage Murderer Sent Snapchats Of Himself With His Victim snapchat uhoh e1423439873864

This isn’t the first Snapchat related story I’ve done recently. But it definitely is the most unreal one.

My mum reckons I put too much of my life on the internet, because I have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I don’t really post anything personal at all, I use it mostly for daft shit and sarcasm. I also have Snapchat. I use that for what it is intended for… Sending photos of me having a poo to my mates.

But not everybody is as reserved as me.

This 16 year old bellend in Pennsylvania murdered somebody. THEN TOOK A FUCKING SELFIE WITH HIM. Not only that, but he sent it to his friends on Snapchat. The world has gone mad.

The Washington Post reported:

Authorities say 16-year-old Maxwell Marion Morton of Jeannette, Pa., fatally shot 16-year-old Ryan Mangan in the face before taking a photo with Mangan’s body and uploading it to Snapchat, a smartphone application that allows users to send images that are deleted a few seconds after they’re received.

Morton sent the image to a friend, who saved it on his phone before it was deleted, according to Fox News. The friend showed the photo to his mother, who turned the image over to police.

[Police] received a copy of the photo which depicted the victim sitting in the chair with a gunshot wound to the face,” a police affidavit states, according to the Tribune-Review. “It also depicts a black male taking the ‘selfie,’ with his face facing the camera and the victim behind the actor. The photo had the name ‘Maxwell’ across the top.”

Police also say the friend received more text messages from Morton, saying: “Told you I cleaned up the shells” and “Ryan was not the last one,” according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Morton, a high school junior and a running back on the school’s football team, confessed to killing Mangan after police found a 9-millimeter handgun hidden in his home, according to the Tribune-Review. He has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder, homicide and illegal possession of a firearm, the Tribune-Review said.

District Attorney John Peck told the Tribune-Review that during his 30-year career he’s never known of a killer who took a self-portrait with the victim.

What a bad divvy.

Snapchat pictures might delete from your app once you see them, but people can screengrab them. And anyway, it has been well documented recently that those pics and videos sent don’t actually disappear for good, they are still on the Snapchat database thingy.

Hopefully this moron is a one-off, and #MyMurderVictim doesn’t become a trend soon.

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