Teenager Found Out He Had Testicular Cancer From Pregnancy Test

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Teenager Found Out He Had Testicular Cancer From Pregnancy Test PregnancyTestCancerWeb 640x400

Byron Geldard got back from a lads holiday to Kavos and visited the doctors after experiencing pain in his side. He was referred to the Teenage Cancer Trust in Cambridge where he was informed that he had a tumour that had spread to his lungs.

He was then prompted to take a pregnancy test as some hormones produced in testicular cancer and pregnancy are the same. After seven months of fighting the disease, Byron is now in remission and wants to spread a positive message that ‘Cancer is no longer a death sentence’

Speaking about it, he said:

It was all very surreal to be honest. There I was with a positive pregnancy test and something growing inside of me, I thought I was going to end up in a documentary. I’m relieved to be in remission, and now I want to help raise awareness.

Before all this happened you think your life is pretty much guaranteed until you’re about 85 but it gave me the realisation of my own mortality – I sort of had an early midlife crisis. I’m going to go to uni in the future, and I just want to enjoy my life.

During treatment Byron said some famous faces came to see him, including: Jeremy Kyle and John Bishop (who signed a Michael McIntyre book for him). Most recently, he spent the day with Stephen Fry.

It’s great to see Byron not let his experience affect his life, and wants to raise awareness for others. His story has opened my eyes to the disease. There are ways of discovering you have cancer that you’d never think of.

What a guy.

As of January 19th Byron is cancer free and is now fundraising: https://www.justgiving.com/Byron-Geldard