Teenager Takes Up Bingo, Bags £130,000

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Teenager Takes Up Bingo, Bags £130,000 bingo bird e1419909162126

This 18 year old girl started playing bingo, and within her first month she won £130,000. Nice.

Abbie Doughty got a full house at her local bingo hall in Hindpool, Cumbria, and didn’t quite know how to react.

She said:

“Everyone was staring at me and I was nervous, I didn’t realise what I had done.

Abbie is a generous girl too. Not only is she giving some to charity, she has always halved any winnings with her mum, and this time will be no different:

Mum and I always split the money 50/50 when we go no matter how much we win.

My grandad is sick with cancer so I’m going to give some to a cancer charity and some to a homelessness charity, it’s something I don’t like to see so I hope I can help.

Top girl.