Ten Gross, Annoying, Time-Wasting Habits That Are Actually Good For You

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Everyone has bad habits, and if we’re honest, we try and ignore them just to save ourselves from getting irritated.

That being said, apparently, there are some seriously awful habits that are actually quite good for you, so while they might annoy your friends, you should keep doing them – apparently.

They range from having a cheeky daydream (probably while at work) to skipping a few aspects of personal hygiene (probably wouldn’t advise it).

So here you have it, ten habits that if you want to keep friends, it’s best to avoid – but if you want to get the benefits, then carry right on.

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Skipping a shower

Not all the time obviously, but skipping a shower once in a while is a good thing apparently, because it means your skin isn’t being stripped of good bacteria (which usually happens when you wash).


If you’re a fidgeter, chances are you burn up to 350 calories more than your still sitting counterparts – meaning you’re probably thinner than them as well.

Unless you fidget because of all the sugar you consume. Obviously.

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the areas of our brain we use when daydreaming are the same as the ones we use when problem solving, so it’s not such a waste of time after all.

Playing video games

Not only do video games help with co-ordination, they can also distract people and take their minds off aches and pains.

Studies have shown that after going through chemo treatment, kids who play video games take less pain medication, and those with burn injuries use them as a distraction.

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Biting your nails

Biting your nails is actually good for your health, because the bacteria that then gets from your nails into your mouth helps build immunities.

Who knew?

Picking your nose and eating it

Much like biting your nails, according to lung scientist, Dr Friedrich Bischinger, picking your nose and eating it helps build immunities.

Probably lay-off doing it in public though.

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Swearing is apparently a pretty effective form of pain relief.

A study even shows that those with their hand in an ice bucket who swore during the experiment kept their hand in there for 50% longer than those who don’t have to now go and put money in a swear jar.

Chewing gum

Those who chew gum have up to 10% faster reaction times than those who don’t, with Dr Kin-ya Kubo also finding that it can increase memory and blood oxygen levels.

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Drinking coffee

Coffee aids Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, and liver cancer, meaning it’s not all bad.

Oh, and it stops you being a raging wanker in the mornings.


If you fail to get your eight hours, napping is the ideal way to catch up apparently.

We all know what being sleep deprived feels like, and it’s a bitch. You get mean, you make mistakes and you eat a shit ton of crappy food.

Yeah, naps are amazing.


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