Tests Prove Drinking Beer Is Good For Your Brain

By : Sam Ridgway |



Finally, this is the news we’ve always wanted to hear. Beer is good for you.

Scientists have now discovered that beer contains a natural compound, flavonoid xanthohumol, that strengthens your brain. This compound is also found in red wine and chocolate, which is good news for your missus.

This was tested on old and young mice. The idea was to see how they performed in a maze and which mouse could navigate through the obstacles.


The study author wrote in Behavioral Brain Research, “The young xanthohumol-treated mice showed a significant improvement in cognitive flexibility.” This meant that the younger mice were able to multi-task.

But before you start justifying your drunken antics, you would need to drink roughly 2,000 litres of beer in a single day to obtain the amount of xanthohumol the mice had. Which would have serious health risks.

Although you’re probably reading this as a challenge. You can’t drink like these mice, so don’t try it.