Thanks For The Memories: Robin Williams Greatest Moments

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Thanks For The Memories: Robin Williams Greatest Moments Robin Williams

He was a comical genius that shaped a generation.

And at the young age of 63, he left us for a final time.

His energetic and whacky sense of humour helped him calve his way into our lives one way or another, consistently starring in countless classics. It’s almost impossible to find someone that doesn’t love at least one of his films.

So to celebrate the life of a man that provided laughter to so many, here are some of his greatest moments.

Mork and Mindy

Most people will have heard of ‘Mork and Mindy’. It’s one of those names that rings a bill, no matter how old you are. Mork was a character that pretty much made Robin’s career and was so popular on Happy Days, earned it’s own show. It was a move that proved extremely successful, and catapulted Robin and his energetic humour into millions of lives.

Live on Broadway

It comes as a surprise to a lot of younger people that Robin did stand up comedy. A generation of kids were brought up on his movies, and were never introduced to his on-stage comedy. And dated or not, his Live on Broadway show is one of the funniest standup specials of all time.

Mrs. Doubtfire

We won’t even introduce this role. You know who she is. And she was pretty iconic as you were growing up. For me, Mrs. Doubtfire is one of the first film ‘characters’ that I can remember. It was my favourite film back in the day, and I’m sure most people share the same sentiment. The role showed his versatility and commitment.

Good Morning Vietnam

Airman Second Class Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning Vietnam was basically just Robin Williams being Robin Williams. It was never going to go wrong. GOOOOOOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!


Hook was another film that basically shaped my youth, and was watched pretty much every other night of my childhood. His portrayal of Peter Pan is legendary.


We left this one till last. Aladdin setting The Genie free… The last 15 seconds are a pretty tough watch!

We’ve left out quite a lot. Simply because we don’t want to make this too hefty and ruin it. We don’t need to post and write about every classic film he’s starred in – such as Jumanji, The Fisher King, Patch Adams, Dead Poet’s Society, What Dreams May Come, Bicentenniel Man, Good Will Hunting, Death to Smoochy, Toys, Awakenings etc, etc, etc, etc.

His body of work is unmatched. And he’ll be sorely missed.

Thanks For The Memories: Robin Williams Greatest Moments robin williams