The Army Are Diffusing A Massive Bomb That Was Found In London Yesterday

By : Alex Bentley |



We all come across some strange and unexpected things when we’re at work. I once found a Colin Hendry Bighead football figure. Still got it somewhere. But I doubt that the builders that found this bomb are as keen to take their find home with them.

Construction workers on a site in London were digging away yesterday, when they came across a 1000lb bomb. Scary.

It has been there since WWII, and is still live.

Tower Bridge was closed down, causing mayhem on the roads, and hundreds of people were evacuated from nearby tower blocks, with several schools also being evacuated for safety reasons.

A local councillor, Lucas Green, said:

Seems our OAPs are hard as nails, drinking tea on top of a 1,000lb bomb for 70 years.


Boris Johnson was speaking on LBC radio, and said:

If people can envisage a Nazi munition the size of (presenter) Nick Ferrari, that’s what we’re talking about.

It’s a huge bomb and we can’t take any risks with the thing.

Some people were allowed back into their homes last night, but police were knocking on doors up to 200m away from the bomb to create an exclusion zone while the bomb is being diffused.


The area was one of the most heavily bombed in London during the war because of it’s high population density.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, with no explosion.

[Via Independent]