The BBC Subtitles During Kanye West’s Glastonbury Set Were Next Level

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The BBC Subtitles During Kanye Wests Glastonbury Set Were Next Level kanye subtitles WEBBBC

The jury’s still out on Kanye West’s headline set on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury last night – nobody seems able to agree on whether he was legendary or a bit sh*t.


One thing’s certain though, the BBC subtitles during his performance were incredible.


Prior to the live broadcast of Kanye’s show, the Beeb warned viewers to expect “strong language and adult themes”.

Apparently those themes and language were a bit too much for the subtitles team, who did their best to work around several of the more common curse words in Kanye’s set.

Reports suggest that the team received a memo to try and tone down the rapper’s swearing and they tried. They really did…