The End Of The World Is Nigh! Well… Within 100 Years, Apparently

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The End Of The World Is Nigh! Well... Within 100 Years, Apparently %name

A top scientist has warned that humanity will be over within 100 years, which is pretty big news.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we will all be dead soon.

The claim is that the earth will be uninhabitable within a century, and humans will become extinct.

Australian microbiologist Frank Fenner is behind the bad news.

Overcrowding, declining resources, climate change… They are all contributing factors. One of the biggest threats is global warming, and it is apparently past the point of no return. Reducing emissions isn’t enough and the damage is irreversible.

At the recent G7 conference, plans were made to reduce carbon emissions completely within 85 years, but Fenner, along with many other scientists, says that it will not be enough.

The End Of The World Is Nigh! Well... Within 100 Years, Apparently 317

A recent Reuters post by David Auerbach says:

For years now, we have heard that we are at a tipping point.

Al Gore warned us in An Inconvenient Truth that immediate action was required if we were to prevent global warming.

In 2007, Sir David King, former chief scientific advisor to the British government, declared, “Avoiding dangerous climate change is impossible – dangerous climate change is already here.

The question is, can we avoid catastrophic climate change?” In the years since, emissions have risen, as have global temperatures.

Only two conclusions can be drawn: Either these old warnings were alarmist, or we are already in far bigger trouble than the U.N. claims. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be the case.

These ‘end of the world’ claims always seem to be flying around. We’ve survived a rapture, the Mayan end of days, 2012… If we manage to make it through the comet due to end Earth in September, we may only have a century to live on as a race.

This theory is a lot more science-based than mass hysteria. It could very well be plausible that it will happen. The rate that the worlds population is rising is ridiculous. At the turn of the 1900’s there were just over 1 billion people in the world, Just over 100 years later, there’s over 7 billion and rising. Natural resources are running out, and governments seem to be completely overlooking renewable energy sources. And there’s global warming, which is pretty terrifying.

I hope he’s wrong.


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